Invoices not showing outstanding

I run a dog walking business. I have created weekly invoices dated on Monday (07.04.14) for the walks that week. All customers are set up with 0 days credit and I was hoping that today all the invoices for this week would be showing as outstanding. This was so I could see at a glance how much I was going to be earning this week and as the week progressed how much was outstanding. I do not need to print or send the invoices so what am I doing wrong? Even if I change the date to yesterday with 0 days credit they do not show outstanding?

I’ve taken a look on your account and all those invoices show as outstanding. The total balance reflects on the dashboard “Money owed to you”.

Am sorry … am really new to this and when I went back on I realised I needed to ‘send’ them even though I don’t send physical invoices. Thanks for looking.

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