Invoices Pay Pal and Tags

I am totally new to Quickfile and having a problem with Tags and Pay Pal.
I am a web based retailer and mainly get paid via Pay pal.
I create an invoice during the day and when I download my Pay Pal transactions at the end of the day I am having problems Tagging the payments made to the invoices.
The message I get is that no invoice can be found for that person. it asks me to create an other invoice.
Can any one help
Many Thanks

Hi @IanT

How are you creating your invoices and recording your PayPal transactions? One payment can only be tagged to one client. If you have, for example a transaction for £60.00 from Client A, and £40.00 from Client B, but the £100.00 invoice is in Client As name, you can’t tag Bs payment to it.

Let me know your setup, or how you would like it to work, and I’ll try my best to advise on how to do it.

If you’re not already doing so, it may be worth setting up a PayPal feed too which imports your transactions in the early hours of the morning for you

Thank you for your reply.
The way I am do it is as below.
Payment comes in via Pay Pal
I create the invoice via sales / create new invoice.
I mark the invoice as paid via the payment Log button.

I have the Pay Pal feed set up.
When all the transaction were imported I was trying to tag them as paid and marry them up to that invoice.
This is were it wont let me do so. It cant find the invoice to be married against.

I hope I have made myself a little clearer. This is all so new to me
Thank you.

I think I see where this is going wrong - you are logging the payment via the ‘Log Payment’ button here:

This creates a transaction for you in the bank you specify. So when it comes to tagging it from the bank side, it’s already been marked as paid. So effectively, you end up with something like this in the PayPal bank account (I’ve used an invoice of £144.00 as an example):

The tagged transaction is the one created through the ‘Log Payment’ button, and the untagged transaction is the one from the PayPal feed. To get around this, you can simply delete the untagged transaction as it would be a duplicate.

I hope I’ve understood you correctly, and hopefully the helps!

Hi Yes thank you very much.
That is exactly what is happening.
Thanks again

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