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Invoices unavailable when Tagging


I have unpaid invoices from 14th January 2021 to present. However when I try to allocate multiple invoices to one client, they don’t come up to select. I have clicked to show all of the outstanding invoices, but not all of them become available to tag. They have been uploaded into the system as you can search for them, and they appear as ‘sent’. Is there any way of showing ALL of the outstanding invoices so that I can tag them please? Currently it’s not showing any newer invoices, which means I can’t tag any payments since then, so it is a growing issue.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Do the invoices definitely belong to the right client? You’ve not accidentally created an extra client record with a similar name or something like that?

No, they are all under the same client, but not coming up.

Hi @AmazingHomecare

If you’d like one of the support team to take a look at your account then if you send a message to @QFSupport wth your QuickFile account number and details of the invoices that aren’t showing we can certainly investigate for you

Have they been marked as sent or showing as draft?

Thank you! I’ve just messaged them.

They are all marked as sent!

In the Advanced Settings is a line:

Have you tried to change it to 6 month (that’s the maximum)

Yes, we do that all the time.

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