Invoices with mixed VAT categories

I frequently create invoices which include an service charge element (which attracts VAT at 20%) and an element of official government fees (which are outside the scope of VAT).

The difficulty that I have is that, when I come to create my VAT Return, I have to manually adjust by deducting the O/S official fees from the invoice total since these charges are not meant to be shown at all on the VAT Return.

Is there any way that Quickfile can have the O/S VAT choice for each line of an invoice, rather than just the whole of the invoice?

Hi @BevN

There isn’t a way of mixing this at the moment I’m afraid. Are you referring to purchase invoices in this case? If so, the only work around would be to create 2 entries for the same invoice with the two different VAT settings.


No, I’m referring to a sales invoice. I can have the VAT calculated correctly (by selecting the different VAT rates for each entry) but the O/S option only applies to the whole invoice.

Unfortunately the Out of Scope and Exempt flags are only available on the whole invoice. Doing the adjustment on the return would be the correct way to handle this.

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