Invovice Number - Change for monthly


Is is possibile to change the inovice number for monthly counting?
for example



and in new month (reset)

Thanka !

I’m afraid not, only synchronous numbers are supported in QuickFile. The only way I can see to achieve this is either by manual override or by creating invoices from the API.

Thanks for fast replay!

QuickFile will auto increment from whatever was your last invoice number, so if you can reverse the pattern to put the sequential number at the end rather than the beginning (2015/09/001 -> 2015/09/002 …) then you should hopefully find you only need to manually set the number of the first invoice in a given month and subsequent ones will be numbered correctly automatically. I haven’t tried this myself (and I know HMRC prefer straight serial numbering, at least if you’re registered for VAT) but it could be worth a go.

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