iPhone app not up loading receipts

The apple App has stopped up loading receipts

We are investigating that at the moment. In the meantime why don’t you have a look at a similar post


I’m afraid there have been a few issues with our iOS app that have been reported over the last couple of weeks.

The iOS app has not been under active development for several years and some iOS upgrades look like they have broken functionality within the app. For that reason we advise users to switch to CamScanner, which is an excellent free alternative.

With CamScanner, the compression and picture quality is much better and you can email direct from the app to receipts@quickfile.co.uk once you’ve configured your sender email in your account. Plus you can also use it outside of QuickFile for any kind of document capture and archiving.

We will likely be pulling the iOS app from the AppStore in the next few weeks. We have sought various quotations for ongoing management of the iOS app, but all options thus far have been prohibitive in one way or another and are a poor use of our resources.

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