Is it possible to move an invoice to another client without modifying it?

I know I can transfer all invoices from one client to another.
I need to do this only with the invoices from one date until now and keep the others where they are.
Is it possible to do this without modifying them one by one?


Hello @expertoswp

It is not possible move invoices in bulk, you could import single line invoices onto the new client and delete them from the old one if that helps.

Not a solution really. I will see what I can do.
But thank you vey much for the workaround! I edited this ugly message.

Hello. I’m not sure if I follow the situation here. If youve issued the invoices already why would they need to be moved to a different client? Maybe I’m missing something!

There are reasons that I prefer not do discuss here. :slight_smile:
It is a non common thing and we have managed to find a workaround.
And I can understand why this is not on the system, I am not sure if i will need to do this again in the future.

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