Is System_GetAccountDetails only available through the sandbox?


I am using your API to send and receive purchase invoices. I was asked to create a function that gathered the account details (name, address, currency) and found “System_GetAccountDetails” in the sandbox environment. This returns all the data I need.

When I try to implement this outside of the sandbox I get the following error returned:

Unknown method (system_getaccountdetails)

Am I implementing it incorrectly or is the function only available in the sanbox. (The function is not present in the API documentation).

Hope you can help,

I’ve checked ran this past a developer and it would seem that the function is there on the .asmx (SOAP) endpoint but not the .ashx. The sandbox uses the former endpoint which explains why it was working there.

We’ve now added this method to the .ashx endpoint although it will only go live on the next deployment scheduled for Monday. As soon as this is live it should work fine. Apologies for the delay here.

Thanks for the quick response.