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Is the Power User Subscription required if my ledger count drops below 1,000 next year?


Can you please advice that the Journal entry classification for account (£45 / year) is recurring or gets evaluated every year?

Eg: if this year I have more than 1000 enteries but next year being a down year or anything - I only have 800 enteries. Would I be required to continue paying £45 per year for the software going forward?


Hi @manish

It’s based on a rolling 12 month period. If the ledger entries are below 1,000 when your subscription is due for renewal, it becomes optional.


Thanks @QFSupport . Also does the entries get accounted on day entered or the actual date of those entry?

I.e. if I make the entry for entire last year at once to ensure I can use QuickFile from next year - then would this be accounted at today’s date or on each realisation date?

I am looking to migrate GlassWorld onto this platform and have just uploaded their last years records to enable realistic accounting from day one (my proposition to get them here). But this has meant that I have suddenly bombed the system by over a 1000 enteries which were actually correctly dated back over last 1.5 years (to their real date).

Please help and advice.


It goes by the date they were entered into the system rather by transaction date.

So migrating over 1,000 nominal entries would count towards this year’s usage.


It might be an idea to move this limit on actual dates or allow one off bulk imports when migrating a client for first time (after they have played and made a mess of everything in QuickFile). Like a clean slate and bulk import?


Thank you for your feedback.

At present we base it on a rolling 12 month period as this matches our costs. Entering 2012’s data in 2017 will still mean costs are incurred for us in 2017 for example.

We do take into account imports, which is why we allow all new accounts 60 days free access, regardless of their size. So you can start using QuickFile and have a good look at it’s features within these 60 days without any charges.

I don’t think this is something that will be reviewed in the near future. At £45 per year, QuickFile is still one of the more affordable platforms.


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