Is there a way to undo a statement upload

Hi all,
i made a mistake when uploading a bank statement, i created a rule and applied it to all conflicts- this put all the line items in to the suspense account and create a massive loss - we are currently showing a loss of -125K which is not correct.

any ideas how i can correct this mistake.


Hi @Cybersec

There isn’t a way to undo the upload I’m afraid, you would need to delete the transactions individually.

The best to do this, is to use the tick boxes at the side and delete multiple ones at the same time.

If the transactions are correct however, tagging them to an invoice or as a transfer etc., would move them from the suspense account.

so is there a way to mass move all the credits in the suspense account to current account?


Not from the suspense account. There is a bulk re-coding tool, but it only works on selected nominal codes, 9998 isn’t one of them.

If you’ve uploaded a statement to a bank account, they would (unless you have bank tagging rules) remain untagged in your bank account, so you could view all the untagged entries. If your tagging is generally up to date, then this could help narrow it down for you:

Alternatively, you could do an advanced search for entries created from a feed/import:

how about deleting the entire suspense account and then resetting it up… if thats possible how do i go about doing that?

The suspense account is a system code for anything that hasn’t been allocated (such as untagged bank entries or opening balances that haven’t been journalled). As such, it can’t be emptied or removed from the nominal view itself.

If you delete untagged bank entries or correct any opening balances, then the balance will become zero.

There’s more info on this, in this topic

Please let me know if you need help with any of these.

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