Issue Credit Note against overpayment


I want to create a credit note and send it to my client as they have requested it. They have accidentally overpaid by £4 and despite the fact I can see it being held on their account and I can discount it off the next invoice I issue, I don’t seem able to produce a credit note for their records - which they have requested. I have tried to do it via the original invoice but whatever I enter, it automatically adds 20% VAT which I cant remove. A generic credit note (via sales invoice and entering a minus figure) requires me to enter that I have returned the money which i haven’t. It will be deducted off the next invoice. Any suggestions on how to produce a generic credit note? Unfortunately my client is asking for one.

I’ve located your account. Which invoice number are your referring to?


invoice number 000034 - the client overpaid by £4

The way this was processed on Quick File hasn’t triggered a credit note, it’s just moved the surplus to the clients account. To actually produce a credit note you would need to untag the payment from the invoice, increase the invoice by £4.00, tag the payment to the invoice, credit note £4.00 back off the invoice and convert to credit.

If however you click the link highlighted below you will see a payment receipt showing the £4.00 as unallocated. You could take a copy of this and send to the client.

Also if the client logs into their control panel it will show the £4.00 surplus siting on the account.


It’s a shame you can’t just create a generic credit note and keep the money on account. I have untagged payment and altered the original invoice as you mentioned and produced a credit note that way.

On the whole, I think system is excellent.

I don’t suppose you may start adding more VAT codes for exempt payments, zero rated and outside the scope of VAT?

There’s a fairly deep rooted constraint in our core accounting logic that stops us from being able to do this. I know the route I suggested is a bit long winded, but hopefully it won’t crop up too often.

We do plan review the VAT codes shortly, it’s another one of those things that has wide impact on the rest of the system and needs to be carefully considered and rigorously tested.

Ok no worries. Excellent system anyway

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