Issue with merging payment info on invoice

Hi My payment info on my invoice keeps getting merged together after the I re-invoice a client.

So there seems to be an editing problem and I have to manually go and separate the wording each time I invoice

Hi @Admin3

Can I just clarify what you mean by “keeps getting merged together” please?

Hi it looks like this when I launch a new invoice

UK Bank Details
Bank Details: Barclay"s Bank
Account Name: IE Abroad
Sort Code: 00-00-00
Account Number: 00000000
UTR number: 0000000000
IBAN: GB79 BARC 000000000000000

However once I re-invoice it launches on the invoice like this:

UK Bank DetailsBank Details: Barclay"s BankAccount Name: IE AbroadSort Code: 00-00-00Account Number: 000000000UTR number: 000000000BAN: GB79 BARC0000000000000000SWIFTBICBARCGB22

Is this in the body of the invoice or the notes/terms section?

Its here:

Payment Terms
Set your terms of payment and any other comments you wish to appear on the foot of the invoice.

[Import default]

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