Issue with tagging paid invoice from bank account feed


I have a an invoice that has been paid, but is marked as unpaid in QF.
The transaction is showing as untagged on the bank statement in QF, sucked in from the nightly feed.

Normally, I would click “Tag Me!” > “Payment from a Customer” and QF would list suitable transactions, I click the correct one and job done. However, in this instance, I only get “No Matching Sales Records”. I have expanded the search range that I know includes the transaction, but no dice!

I have also tried the other way around, going into the invoice and marking it as paid. This just creates a manual entry in the bank account.

Without recreating the invoice from scratch (that HMRC don’t like - apparently), how can I tag the bank account transaction to the invoice?



There’s a penny difference between the bank entry and the invoice total, so it’s not matching. If you’re not concerned about the penny, I would just add a second line to the invoice -0.01 and enter something like 1 penny underpayment. Then when you come back to the bank entry it will match.

Hi Glenn,

Well spotted! That worked.

I guess the supplier’s rounding methods are different to QF’s.



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