Issues with uploading purchase attachments and no revision history

Hi Guys,

Im trying to find the Api for uploading purchase attachments adding purchases through a third-party software. Can anyone guide me how this can be done?

Secondly, Why is there no revision history feature when it comes to purchases in the same way you have it for sales? If there is then can someone tell me how to locate it.

Thanks in Advance

The method you’re looking for is Document_Upload, to attach the file to a particular purchase you have to pass the PurchaseID value under Type/Receipt - this isn’t the QFxxxx number, it’s the internal ID you get back in the response from Purchase_Create.

Hi @rubaba,

If you go into the purchase invoice it has the similar event history at the bottom of the screen. It will show you when the invoice was created and when/if it has been amended. If the invoice has been paid it will also show which payment has been linked.

Hope this helps

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