I've just started to use Quickfile and completed my first purchase invoice

Can I re-open a purchase invoice created recently and add VAT. I’ve tried, but can’t see a way of editing the purchase invoice to add VAT?

Are you VAT registered? QuickFie only shows the VAT separately on purchases if you have ticked the VAT registered box in your account settings - if you’re not VAT registered then you just enter your purchases as the gross total including VAT since you can’t claim the VAT back.

Thanks Ian, I can’t recall seeing a tick box when I signed up. I am VAT registered, any idea how I correct this situation?
Cheers, Eddie

It’s under “account settings” -> “company settings”

Thanks Ian, I’ve accessed settings and completed most of the boxes. However, not sure what to enter for: HMRC Registered Post Code, are you able to advise please?

My understanding (I don’t work for QuickFile and I’m not an accountant) is that this has to match whatever you told HMRC when you registered for VAT - if you log in to https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/business-account and go to “more VAT details”, then “view VAT certificate” then that will show you what HMRC have on record as the business address for your VAT registration.

Okay, much appreciated.

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