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Izettle integration



Just gonna leave this here - got an email today from iZettle about xero integration.




I also got the same email from iZettle. Would be great if this could be mimicked in QuickFile too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Sam_James @dagayveggi I would suspect iZettle carried out the work to integrate with Xero rather than the other way around. If you note my response from 3rd February I was advised at the time that no public API existed to extract this sort of statement information.

I have however emailed iZettle partnerships to discuss this further as it’s possible the individual I spoke with may not have been aware of the technical options in terms of integrations.


+1 from me also.

We have been using iZettle for our card payments over the last 6mths as it was effortless to set-up unlike PayPal Here…(I’m still waiting for my confirmation… :unamused:)

The iZettle portal is fairly user friendly and once you get your head around their terminology (e.g. ‘Transactions = Sales’) it’s quite straight forward.

In the screen shot below you can see a mix of Cash & Card payments from our customers earlier this month, which can then be exported to Excel and uploaded/attached into QuickFile.

If anyone needs any basic help in getting set up or pointers on how to use the portal etc. Feel free to get in touch.

John Richardson
Scruffies Pet Groomers.


I use iZettle too, mainly for Craft & Design markets, and soon in my wee pottery shop in my new studio.

I have my ‘customers’ set up by type of sale, since I don’t have many recurring individual customers, so my client list is ‘craft markets’, ‘open studio sales’ ,‘gallery sales’, and then accounts for individual reseller outlets as needed (since they will have recurring).

I mostly use iZettle for the first two - markets and studio sales, recording every sale whether cash or card and using it as a type of cash register, then I raise invoices in QF by date or by event (so, a weekend two-day market will be one invoice), and will be ‘paid’ by my iZettle bank (merchant) account.

In this instance, being able to import my izettle transactions for a particular date range to make up an invoice would be fantastic, as it would save me having to enter line by line on the invoice, but still allowing me to see what sold at that particular market/event.

Anyway, when/if this gets developed, I’ll be very happy. If you want any help with reports or formats, etc, in the meantime, I’m happy to help. :smile:



@MoKaPottery as per my reply further up, there’s not much we can do here until iZettle publish an open API. You’d need to ask iZettle to implement this, even better it may be worth suggesting they integrate with Zapier, this will then open up many opportunities with other 3rd party apps, not just QuickFile.



When I searched for iZettle integration this nearly 2 year old topic is the latest I could find. Maybe they have moved on some by now? Is this what is required? https://github.com/iZettle/api-documentation

I am just setting up my sisters business on QuickFile and she would like to take payments at events and we are going to give Stripe via the QuickFile take payment option a go for the first one but I think it may be a bit cumbersome for each sale. iZettle looks like a better option and it would be better if the sales can be pulled into QuickFile with the API rather than using an Excel import.

Not sure what is needed. Any thoughts?


We have just started testing QuickFile to see if its suitable for us and we use iZettle so would love some form of integration making entering transactions quicker.

Kind regards


Hi - I’m also starting to use iZettle. Is there a way to add the company to the drop down list of choices when you set up a new bank account.
Also in future is you do offer API will I be able to link into the account I create now to pick up transactions?



Hi @justbreve

We have just added iZettle to the list of banks and payment service providers.

Until recently iZettle didn’t have an API, it look like they have since published an API Spec. When the resources become available we’ll take a look at this in more detail.