Job Management

Does Quickfile have a job management or estimating module?
Or is there a 3rd party module that would integrate with Quickfile?

Hi @glasgowcreative

QuickFile has a built-in estimate/quotation feature (accessible under the ‘Sales’ menu). These, by default fit in with your invoice style. So if you’ve customised it or uploaded your logo, they’ll follow the same look, but with a different title. Even the title can be customised.

To manage jobs themselves, you may find the project tag feature handy. You can group invoices, estimates and purchases to a tag to help you work out profit and loss on a project by project basis. You can find out more about projects, here

I hope this helps!

Many thanks for the advice about estimates and Projects - it is helpful.
However, I think it’s not ideal for my purposes.
We are printers and we raise a lot of estimates (quotations), some of which are accepted immediately, some later, some much later and some never at all.
When they are accepted, we need a method of marking them as “Live” and a report, so that we can keep a track of all live jobs and then turn the job into an invoice once we have completed it.
I think this needs a “Job Module” - I don’t think “Projects” will cover this (unless I’m not fully understanding)

Could you not use a ‘live’ project tag for this?

They’re not necessarily restricted to projects, they can be used for anything you want - jobs, projects, product grouping etc.

In terms of modules, although I’m not aware of any modules, you may find Zapier useful. We can connect with Zapier (which in turn can connect with hundreds of other apps).