Joining Quickfile account with a new account-effect on Direct debits


I have 3 companies with 3 Quickfile accounts and 3 Gocardless accounts. I want to amalgamate them all into one new company with one Quickfile account and 1 Gocardless account. The question I have is can I link my current Quickfile accounts into my new one so I can continue with my current direct debits I received from clients? Or do I have to explain to clients and get them to do a dd authorisation from the new quickfile account?

Live date for the new company is 30th June so any advice would be much appreciated.

Quick File can only link to one GoCardless account. Providing GoCardless are able to merge your 3 accounts then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Every Direct Debit pre-authorisation has a unique code that you can extract from the client detail screen, you should then be able to enter this code directly into your new account to re-establish the Direct Debit.

Hi Glenn,

Gocardless don’t have a problem but they wonder if Quickfile will allow it? We transfer on 30th June and I have set up a new quickfile account. Is it easier to try and use the old gocardless account and add the direct debit authorisation codes on the new quickfile or would it be simpler, and more straight forward simply to open a new gocardless account for the new quickfile account and make the 5 clients with dd re-authorise.

I sent my self a dummy invoice and connected me to gocardless on the new quickfile account the other evening and the following day all clients and suppliers had disappeared. I am concerned this had something to do with me connecting to an existing gocardless account that is already used by another quickfile account.

We allow users to grab the pre-authorisation ID and copy them individually into the new client records. This will work providing the GoCardless account connected to the new QF account is the same as the one used previously.

Connecting QF to GoCardless wouldn’t not have any impact on the clients saved in the GoCardless account, I suspect you just connected to a different GoCardless account.