Journal posting - predictive nominal account search

It would be great if we had the facility to type in the account we want and for an alphabetical list to appear as in does in other areas of posting instead of scrolling through a numerical list until we find it.

Thank you

I agree, we do intend to bring this inline with other areas of the system that already have predictive entry. We will implement this on the next round of updates planned for the journalling tool.

Journalling tool…? Sounds very promising! Will it possibly include the copy journal function I suggested on the previous forum? And I don’t suppose you can be drawn on timescale yet :wink:


Yes they will be implemented together, I’m fully committed to both of these features. Timescales are tricky, we’re going through a big house cleaning operation at the moment so feature-wise not much will happen in the next month. Realistically I’d say 2 months to implement both these features.

That’s great - many thanks

I’m pleased to say that these two features have now been implemented. You can copy a journal by clicking on the orange chasing arrows.

Also, the nominal code selection now uses a predictive search.

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Brilliant! Another big time saver…