Journal Transactions in Tax Summary but not VAT return


New user here, I’m just setting up and entering old transactions to get up to date. Just doing first VAT return. I have checked the Tax Summary for the quarter and it agrees with my spreadsheet. Then do VAT return and have no items from journals Purchase Tax Control showing. How do i switch this on please.

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VAT returns in QuickFile only take their data from sales and purchase invoices, not journals.

Rather than journaling to/from the sales and purchase tax control accounts, make the journal entries to the “manual adjustments” nominal, then when you do the actual return enter the corresponding adjustments to the various boxes using the drop down arrows and everything should balance out nicely (manual adjustments is the double entry for any VAT return adjustments that affect the final value in box 5).

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Hi, I appreciate the help and will adjust as you describe, but i am a bit surprised to hear that journal entries are ignored in the VAT return, particularly when they do show in the Tax Summary report. Anyway, thanks again.

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