Journals not visible in Trial Balance

I have just moved my books from Sage to Quick File in a middle of the year.
After transferring Trial Balance I am trying to adjust it to my particular debtors by issuing invoices for them with their opening balances. As it will double what it is already in TB I need to adjust TB accordingly by journal Dr 4000 Sale; Cr 1100 Debtors. My accounting period is 01/11/2017 - 31/10/2018, the journal date I use for opening balance transactions is 30/04/2018 (the date I moved to QF). The trouble is when I look in TB in Transaction in Year the adjustments I made by these journals are not there. In one world they are not visible in books. So by issuing invoices for my debtors I am increasing my sales and debtors only and this in uncorrect. Any idea why I do not see my journal postings in TB?

You dont need to issue invoices to your existing debtors for existing balances at transfer date to QF, you can simply import customers to QF with opening balances and QF will automatically make entry Dr debtors and Cr sales , now while entering rest of TB the total debtors figures can be debited to sale account. This way you will have one bulk figure as debtors opening balance to allocate any receipts in future. You can also mention on this new first invoice , list of all invoices from sage which make up opening balance figure

Hi, my journal entries (Dr 400 Sales Cr 1100 Debtors ) are not visible in Trial Balance, any idea why and how to make it works? I need to make this correction to opening balances, please help.

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