Keep a record of invoice discounts given through modifying invoices?

Hi, I wonder if anyone could give me some guidance please? We have to send invoices out to several clients who pay minus an agreed discount. Once we receive the remittance we would usually modify the invoice for the agreed discount and tag all no problem, we are trying not to discount when issuing the invoices as the specific clients need the invoice at the full price and take the discount only when paying. If we disount before sending, they discount again when paying so invoices have to be produced initially at the full rate. Also, sometimes there are rounding differences on invoice payments so it makes sense to apply discount when payments are received. However, we use the sales figure in Quickfile to report sales income & output VAT to our accountant each month. I cannot seem to find a ledger account that reports the discounts allowed, I usually use SAGE and have not been using Quickfile for long so please excuse my ignorance. What I am really looking to do is produce a separate ledger type list of the discounts allowed when receipting payments from clients. Hope this makes sense to someone who could maybe guide me to the best way of doing this? Many thanks :wink:

You could apply the discount via a credit note (after payment is received) instead of modifying the original invoice.

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