Keep "Prepayments" ticked on clients and suppliers list

In the supplier and customer management page, under search, is there any way we can keep the prepayment box permanently ticked so they automatically show on the front page.


There isn’t a built in way to do this, but I think this would be possible through some custom scripts.

Do you have a power user subscription?

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I do.

Hi @jm23bg

If you go to Account Settings >> Design Customisation >> Advanced HTML/CSS Customisation.

Select Custom Scripts on the left, and paste the following code into the text box on the right:

$(document).ready(function() {

    $('.page-clients-index #chkShowCredits').prop('checked', true);
    $('.page-suppliers-index #chkShowCredits').prop('checked', true);
    $('.page-clients-index .imgSubmitSearch, .page-suppliers-index .imgSubmitSearch').trigger('click');


Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:


Worked a treat, many thanks.



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