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Keeping My paper invoices


Hello All.
We have hand written triplet sheet numbered paper invoices,
They are often written last Minuit in a customers home, to allow small differences in materials /added labour used etc.

The labour charge is in a separate part of the invoice,
and is not subject to vat, if the independent installer is not vat registered.

The whole back of page (A4) is taken up with terms and conditions.
I have no wish to take a laptop and printer to a customers house with me.
Question: Do I now have to stop using this method?
Or how can I transfer this data to quickfile invoice?


Hi @Steve_Lowe

Transferring it to QuickFile is probably best done just by creating a sales invoice for the client and entering it this way. Or you could bulk enter it (e.g. on a daily/weekly basis)

However, when you mention the independent installer may not be VAT registered - what’s the relationship here with your business? Do they invoice you, are they invoicing the customer on your behalf - how is this working?


The following goes on throughout the domestic retail carpet /flooring trade.

triplet headed paper numbered invoice a4 size. terms and conditions on back of sheet.

all goods /services sold by shop, written in main description box etc .

Bottom of invoice separate cost box , and the flowing words.

Your fitting charge is £ ________________ This charge is not included in the above invoice.
You are required to pat the fitter his charge for the work on completion (cheque/cash only)

Most fitters are self employed.


How exactly do you account for the payment to the fitter? Are they actual subcontractors or do they take the payment and account for that themselves as direct income?

Your invoices are actually only for the supply of materials as far as invoicing and tax liability is concerned?

If that’s the case then you can just keep issuing these on site and then just enter them onto Quickfile as per the advice above, either per customer or as a bulk weekly total. Personally I would do it per customer as it means it is easier to keep track in the future and you can also keep digital copies of the invoices with the accounts.

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