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Last invoice for the period not showing on VAT Return

I have just tried to create and submit my VAT Return for the period ending 31/08/2019, but it is not showing my last invoice, with Issue Date 31/08/2019. It can’t be that the process is using the Due Date (14/09/2019), because the previous invoice has one of 07/09/2019, and that is included.

Help appreciated

If you’re on cash accounting the it’s neither the issue date nor the due date that matters, but the date payment was actually received.

Thanks for that. I have changed my VAT setting to be Accrual Accounting, but when I now prepare a VAT Return, it is including all the invoices for the previous period, i.e. with Issue Dates before the current period (since I started with Quickfile). My VAT Period is set to Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec, not Yearly.

Should I start a new topic for this?

There’s been a couple of threads about that over the last couple of weeks - when you switch between cash and accrual accounting you will have to make manual adjustments to ensure that everything is accounted for once and nothing twice. Search for “cash to accrual” to find the relevant posts.

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