Last Log in not updating

Hi, looking at my clients last log in it appears it’s only logging the initial log in, i have had a client log in today (i know this for definite as they paid their bill entirely) but doesn’t show that they have, so now i’m assuming it isn’t updating for any of them.

If this is organised via the accounting software can someone confirm that it’s not recording log ins after the initial log in?


Did they actually log in by entering their email and password or did they follow a link on the email to view the invoice?

Would be great if you can PM me the client details, I can then take a look in more detail.

I can’t be sure how they logged in or viewed their bill. I have PM’d you.

Thanks for replying.

Thanks for the PM, i see now that they are updating in the individual client records but not showing updated in the Client Management overview.


I believe that the client management screen only shows when the default user logged in, if there are multiple contacts associated to a client it won’t show the most recent login here. This shouldn’t be a problem in most cases as invoices are usually sent to the default user.

I’ll make a recommendation but I thing re-writing the code here will not be a simple task.

No problem, i’ll keep an eye on how it goes and get back to you if there’s anything strange. Right now i only have a few clients so it’s not a problem to click in to the client account, but it could prove difficult when there’s lots.

Kind regards,