Late Payment Automation

I’ve found posts from many years ago but nothing recent on late payments. Over the last few years I’ve gone from having to chase up just a few late invoices each year to pretty much monthly which is obviously taking up lots of time.

Is it possible these days to automate an additional payment if the invoice is overdue?


Hello @squarechilli

The whole process of sending overdue invoice reminders can be automated.

Please see the link below for more information.

Thanks for the link Steve, I will certainly enable the automated reminders.

My query was more over whether it is possible to also update the fee, so add 5% to the sub total for overdue invoices for example.

Hello @squarechilli

We do not have the facility to add charges to client accounts/invoices for late payment.

We have a feature request feed for this in the forum please feel free to add your vote and comment to it.

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