Latest Updates 11th September

Just a quick one to summarise a few updates that we have rolled out today.

Journal Enhancements

You can now give your journals a name to make them more easily recognisable. In the journal list we typically show a unique reference for each journal, chances are you’re not going to know what the journal relates to without clicking in and viewing them individually. Now when creating or modifying a journal you can provide an optional name, that will appear in the main list and any recorded activity for that particular journal.

Predictive search: OK this was added a few weeks ago but it’s worth a mention. When selecting the nominal code in a journal we have added a predictive search so you can bash in keywords to find the relevant account to journal.

Create journals with the API: We’ve also added a few new methods to the API so that you can create, search and delete journals pro-grammatically. If you’re developing your own financial software for your company you may want to use this tool to journal in movements in stock or depreciation. If you’d like to run a few tests you can access the API sandbox area from Account Settings >> All Settings >> API Credentials.

Dynamically rename files in the Receipt Hub

You know all those generic file names in the Receipt Hub DOC001.pdf, DOC002.pdf etc? You can now just drop your cursor on these items and rename in the Receipt Hub or Document Manager. You can then come back later and spend less time figuring out what each item is.

Rename on the main list:

While viewing a receipt in detail:

Or within the document manager

Estimate Enhancements

This is really a very small update but will be useful to those who are renaming their estimates to something more relevant e.g. quotations, pro-forma etc. Previously you could change the name of this document in the invoice customisation area, however it would only get applied to the main label on the page, the custom name however now flows down to all references on the actual document.

Other stuff

We’ve made dozens of other incremental updates to the UI… a few to many to mention here! We’ve also been busy working on a multi-user platform that will be available to use in beta format next week! We’ll keep you posted.


I’m liking the receipt hub renaming. :slight_smile:

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Great to see continual updates @Glenn - keep up the good work :smiley:


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