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Lending Co Laptop for Personal Use

I am moving from Outside ir35 (Ltd Co) to Inside Ir35 (Umbrella). My laptop is owned by the company. Can Company lend the laptop to me for Umbrella assignment in lieu of consideration?

Hi @wrongfindata

This question may be better answered by your accountant - as I am not an accountant I wouldn’t like to give you incorrect advice

My assumption is small businesses subscribe to Quickfile as they like to maintain their own accounts.

Quickfile is an accouting tool, not an accountant who can advise on tax matters.

Absolutely, Community forum is to share experiences and knowledge not to advertise Accounting services.

QuickFile is an online bookkeeping software provider so the forum is here to help users and give advise on how to use the software.

If you have specific accounting questions these are best directed towards your accountant

The question was NOT directed to Support at all. I do not know why Support staff chipped in.

What is the purpose of Community Forum?

If community members do not have knowledge information to share, I would have expected to ignore the question. Not sell accounting services.