Less of sales

Hi there

I’m really having difficulty creating an invoice that will reflect in my profit and loss. So I am a plumber, and want to charge my customer £50 labour and £100 for a part that I bought, How do I feel this out on the invoice so that the labour will show up In my general sales and the price for the part shows up on my less of sales in my profit and loss report. I just need to see my profit and then cost of parts separately so I can just see what I am actually earning. Thanks for any help

So what exactly do you want your P&L to show? Only the labour as income, and no trace of the parts, or do you just want to split the charge for labour and the charge for parts into separate parts of the income section, and then show what you paid for the parts in cost of sales?

Op Needs to show 150 turnover splitting it by line items so 100 is the cost of the item and 50 is the labour. And then a purchase invoice for 100 placed it cost of sales

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