Letter - email out direct (implemented)

This would be really useful so that when a letter with invoice has been generated it can be emailed directly from the application rather than sent snail mail or printed out.

This feature is useful for me as I am only able to access my company email on my phone whilst on client sites and want to be in a position to quote and send a cover letter all from the comfort of QuickFile.

Thanks for the feedback, we are contemplating a way to allow letters to be sent electronically. This is however not something that is on our near-term agenda but we will eventually revisit.

Can you not just add the “send via email” functionality to the “letter” piece? that’s all we really require and would be fantastically useful for us!

Looking into this later in the week. A simple email as attachment option would be simple to implement so that may be the best option for now.

We’ve now added the ability to email letters out as PDF attachments. You can edit your own short email message to go with the letter.