Letter printing error

Account 6131435624
Letter ref 15590
The letter looks fine when previewing but when I go to print the letter the first two characters of the last paragraph are missing, to get around this I had to put “WeWe” but it only printed “We”. Is this something to do with putting a hyperlink address in the previous paragraph?

It looks like this has been caused by the link, the only quick fix here would be to put a space somewhere in the middle. I have done this for you if you wouldn’t mind checking.

We did make some changes a few months back to auto-break long unspaced text, this prevents the text getting obscured by the margins. It seems that this doesn’t work as intended every time.

We have therefore made a small code change to handle this better, although it won’t be until Monday before this gets deployed.

Thank you for the quick fix, letter was sent. As the code change was done on Monday I have put the letter back to the original with hyperlink address (long file name) all working fine now. Great!

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