Limited codes to recode to


When I’m in ‘Nominal code view’ having drilled down from the chart of accounts, I’m selecting transactions and looking to recode them. The dropdown box is only displaying sales codes.

It does this whether I select debits, credits or both. I haven’t noticed this behaviour before.



Hello @pickthalld

The codes that show up in the drop-down would need to be in the same type of category as they are currently. For example, bank nominal entries can only be moved to another bank nominal; assets can only be moved to another asset code, etc.

This has always been the case. It’s done like this as some parts of the system rely on these code ranges, so moving them outside of these could skew your accounts.

What is it you’re looking to move? Perhaps we could advise of another way?

Ah OK - thanks for explaining - never noticed that before! I will journal the balance.

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