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Limiting client views of historic invoices in client portal

We have been using QF for over a year but are only now starting to look at using the client portal interface. We have customers moving to monthly direct debit payments and we would like customers to be able to view their regular invoices through the portal. However, during testing we realised clients can see all the historic invoices on their account. This is a problem for us as when we first started using QF we still used existing word templates for invoices and what we put into QF was often worded differently or not correctly formatted. It would be a lot of work to go back and ‘tidy up’ old invoices in QF. We have since moved to using QF to issue all invoices.
Is there a way we can set a start date for the client view of historic invoices? e.g. from the start of a new recurring invoice/contract?
Many thanks

Hi @Susiec,

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to set a start date, if you aren’t keen on them seeing the older invoices there is an option to send the invoices as a pdf attachment

The only way round it would be to create a parallel set of “old” client records and move the old invoices over to those (assuming they aren’t already locked by VAT returns or end of year). So you’d have Joe Bloggs for the invoices you do want them to see and “Joe Bloggs (old)” for the prior ones you don’t.

This is probably something that could be automated via the API if you have (access to someone with) the skills, but otherwise it’d have to be done for each invoice individually one by one :frowning:

Thanks for your responses Beth and Ian,

One follow up question - the automated email that goes to clients with the pdf invoice attached, can we edit it to take out the link to the portal, and related sentence? We want to use the automated email as we don’t have resources to send out the emails manually (and efficiently) when the recurring invoices are produced.

The old invoices are locked in VAT and end of year returns but you have given us an idea of creating a ‘new’ client for the more recent invoices that aren’t locked and starting with that, just need to ensure we don’t get muddled when using QF in which client records we are dealing with.

Hi @Susiec,

I believe when you send the invoice as an attachment it doesn’t send the link. I will double check to make sure as this may be the easiest option for you

Hi Susiec,
When you click on Account Settings and then Invoice custom. you will see a photo of your invoice layout. Click on the LINK field. On the right hand side you can tick a box to hide the link.

Thanks @rhc,

I’ve been out of the loop for a few months and couldn’t put my finger on that setting :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ve already taken that link out, but it was the body of the automated email for a recurring invoice I wanted to amend. I think I’ve found it in account settings - outbound email settings. However we have 2 different trading styles and it’s all new to me so just testing it all out. Am assuming that these settings are for all outbound emails regardless of the trading style which may be a problem, don’t want to confuse the customers!

Did you try: Go on your client page, click the client who shouldn’t see the link. Click on Modify Client Details. Quite at the bottom there is a option Disable Payment Option. That should do the job but you have to do this for every client separately.

@rhc, thanks, will take a look.

It may also be worth checking the individual recurring invoices just to make sure :slight_smile:

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