Link QF client to an existing Gocardless account


When I setup a new client, I use the inbuilt QF facility to create payments via GoCardless. Is there now a way of linking old clients with their GoCardless account?



Just so I understand this…

Are you opening a new QuickFile account, moving across clients to the new account and then looking to retain any existing Direct Debit pre-authorisations you have setup?

Hi Glenn,

Not quite. I have a number of clients in my QF account from which I send out the monthly invoices. Separately from QF, I have the same clients setup in my GoCardless account. Consequently, if I change a future invoice, I have to amend the corresponding GoCardless payment request manually.

This is not a problem with later clients where I made to GoCardless authorization request via the QF dashboard when I set them up.

Can I link QF to GC for my older clients so as an invoice is raised, GC issues the payment request automatically?



Ah ok,

As far as I am aware Direct Debit pre-authorisations can’t be moved from one application to another, even if those pre-authorisations were originally setup on the GoCardless app, you can’t import them into QuickFile.

It is something we’ve discussed with GoCardless in the past but to my knowledge this is still not possible, it may be worth double checking with them to make sure.

Perhaps cancel the existing pre-authorisation and request a new pre-authorisation via QF will do the job

Yes that would work, I know it’s not ideal but I don’t think there’s another way right now.