Link Till Software - 'Premier EPOS'

Is it possible to link ‘Premier EPOS’ to QF?
Can it be done in a similar way to bank feeds?
Are there any pro’s or con’s I need to be awair of?

Hi @Danny

In short, the answer is maybe.

QuickFile doesn’t offer a link for Premier EPOS itself, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. We do offer a link with Zapier, so if Premier EPOS also links with Zapier, then you may be able to set something up to send data from the one to the other.

The other option would be the API offered by QuickFile. This would allow you or a developer to set up your own link. If Zapier isn’t an option, then this may very well be the answer (but it depends on whether Premier EPOS offers an API too).

Bank feeds are run by Yodlee, and they only provide bank feeds, which unfortunately means anything like this isn’t provided by them.

I hope that helps.