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Link to QuickFile account displayed on invoice

I am new to Quickfile and in the process of setting up a new company and I have stumbled across a potentially serious problem that I need help with?

I have sent invoices via email to customers and I notice from an invoice that a Pay Online at: link to my Quickfile account is located in the middle of the invoice.
When I type this link address into the browser it takes the customer directly into my Dashboard area with full access to everyone’s accounts.

Hi @JamesB

The link just takes your clients to the login page for your account. In this case, you’re seeing all your account details because you’re already logged in.

If you were to log out and then go to the link, you would see a log in form.

You can however remove the link completely if you prefer, by going to Account Settings >> Invoice Customisation, clicking the link box in the middle of the invoice, and disabling it there.

Hope that helps!

Hi Matthew
I have unchecked the box to stop the printing of this line and will log off quickfile to try out this log on form. What do I have to set up for the customers to have this pay online facility?

You can set up a few different options - PayPal, GoCardless (direct debit), Stripe, Worldpay and others. You would firstly need to link your accounts by going to Account Settings >> Manage payment options.

The best thing to do is to email your clients a link rather than a PDF. This will automatically log them into their account through a secure link (no passwords) and then use the “Pay Online” option:
Through the link, we’ll also log that they’ve viewed the invoice, which can help if there are any disputes later on.

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