Linking accounts

Hi I have 2 quick file accounts and linked one to the other for invoicing , but all the data in the account I linked has gone

I cant find it anywhere and when I go onto the account the home page is totally different and the link just takes me to the other account but I still cant find all my data and purchase orders and invoices etc
I have a back up from last week but I added things in the last few days after that back up although I can probably find them

can you restore this account and un-link them

How did you link the accounts? Through Affinity or through the main app Client >> Supplier link?

Either way no “linking” action would trigger data to be lost? Maybe you’re logging into an old account?

Hi Glen thanks for your response could you email me privately as I need to tell you the account names etc , I only have one personal account and its now empty and the home page has changed and there is a link that takes me to the business account

I have responded to you email privately but not sure if you will get it as its says no reply ?

If you replied to a no-reply email then we won’t see it. I sent you a private message on this forum, you should see a green notification in the top when logged in here. You should be able to see the message and reply here.

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