Linking Companies togther

I invoiced a client of mine but they paid me via their personal PayPal account, now I have 2 clients (1 entered by me using their company name, the other by the person’s name via PayPal). Is there any way of linking 2 clients together so if this client pays via PayPal the record will be seen under the Company’s name?

When the client paid your invoice using PayPal did they do this via QuickFile? If they did I’m not sure how a second client record was created? It would just tag the payment to the invoice and that’s all.

Are you running the PayPal feed, i.e. downloading the transactions into QF? If that were the case then this may also create a new invoice and a new client? That would be expected as the feed doesn’t know that the invoice you raised before is anything to do with that payment received via PayPal, outside of QF. Best thing in that case is to turn off auto-tagging in PayPal and manually link the feed payment to your invoice.

The client didn’t pay via QuickFile. I am running the PayPal feeds and have now turned off auto-tagging for my PayPal account within QF so in future this issue should not happen again.

Thanks for your response Glenn much appreciated

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