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I have joined up recently and linked my Starling bank account with my account. However, it does not show my balance on my account. So i am unable to get a live updated stream of transactions and balances. Please could you help.

Hello @Heyitshev

When did you set the feed up?

It’s worth noting that transactions will only appear after the link has been made.

Hi, I linking it last night. I have got a recent transaction showing but not my balance. When will my balance show?

Your balance is calculated based on the transaction you’ve entered on QuickFile, not from the bank itself.

If your balance is different, you’ll either need to enter an opening balance, or enter previous transactions.

What did you use before QuickFile? Perhaps we can suggest the best route to take?

Hi, I haven’t used anything yet as this is my first venture. I was under the impression that when i linked my bank account it mirrored my bank account too. At the moment it doesn’t and seems a waste of time and money for the subscription charge if you have to enter everything manually. Thanks

You have to enter previous transactions manually, but not future transactions. Going forward, all transactions will be imported manually.

Depending on the bank, some will allow us to go back up to 28 days (you would have been offered this at the point of connecting), but this isn’t possible in all cases. Generally, a CSV statement import would be the best way to fill the gaps, or entering an opening balance. As it’s a new venture, assuming the bank account is also new, CSV is likely to be the better option. But I will send you a private message shortly to discuss this in more detail.

Thanks. That’s great. Yes, its a new bank account so only about 4 weeks to go back. Thanks again for your help. It’s very much appreciated

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