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I have registered for MTD with HMRC but cannot link my QF account. Whatever I try I get the ‘Client not authorised’ message. My VAT return is now due but I can’t send it. Any help really appreciated

Hello @Tockwell

Please refer to the Unauthorised error message section of the below article

Hi there. I’ve been all through the guide, checked everything - VAT number, account etc - HMRC clearly shows that I have been registered for MTD for a while now but I still can’t connect. I just get the same unauthorised message. Really don’t know what to do as my return is now overdue.

Are you self employed? If you are when connecting to HMRC Connect ensure you “tick” account type “Organisation” eventhough your an individual and input the “title name as shown on your VAT Certificate”, if you unsure of what HMRC have on their file do a VAT Number Check…you will find this facility in REPORTS > VAT Number Search > Input you VAT number and then use the reported result when connecting to HMRC.


i.e. change “Three goats that went to new grass” to you own “Organisation”.

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I am self employed, and I ticked organisation. I’ve checked exactly how I am registered with HMRC but I still just get the Not Authorised message every time

Hello @Tockwell

Can you confirm when you log into your HMRC account via their website you get the option to “View your VAT account” similar to what is shown below?.

If you click on the link do you get any errors or notifications from them?


Hello. I get the attached which all seems fine

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