Links unclickable when tagging entries


On logging in today, when trying to tag bank entries, I get the grey overlay on the screen and the popup window (see screenshot), but none of the links in the popup work, and the back button doesn’t work either, so I have to reload the browser window. This means that at the moment, none of my entries can be tagged. I’ve tested this in three different browsers (Safari / Firefox / Chrome) and also in Incognito mode, to avoid any potentially conflicting extensions loading.

This is new behaviour — things have been fine up until today. Any ideas what’s happening? Thanks,


As Quickfile itself would appear to be fine and the fact you have the same issue with several browsers it could well be your anti-virus software blocking something on the page?

Aha! Tracked down the culprit. AdGuard on my mac interfering with it. Thnaks.

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