List of vat reclaimable purchases

Hi, I am new to Quick File. I notice on my vat return that quick file has not allowed me to reclaim all the VAT paid out on my purchases even though I have entered them at 20%. Does anyone know why this is. Am I able to see what VAT they are allowing me to reclaim. Also is there a way I can print a list of all my purchases which show the VAT amount, net amount ect. like a detailed report. Many Thanks

Are you on Cash Accounting for VAT? In that case only VATable invoices with payments attributed will appear in the VAT return. Any VAT bearing invoices without payments will not appear in the VAT return.

If you go to the Invoice Management screen you can switch on the column visibility to show the NET and VAT amounts on invoices. But this will not necessarily match your VAT return as per the previous explanation.

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