Listing purchases

I am trying to list categories to print off from the bank/credit card statement so that I can itemise expenditure.

Eg fuel, subsistence etc

How can I search for an itemised list please?

Hi @allybat63

Just to confirm what you’re trying to do here - are you looking to print off a list of your nominal codes, or a copy of your credit card statement (from QuickFile)?

I am trying to categorise expenditure for my accountant so I would like to make a list of all the fuel entries, subsistence etc. I need to be able to perform an advance search to show totals.

For anything to do with nominal codes, the Chart of Accounts (under Reports) would be the best place to go. This can show you the nominals and the balance during that time period. You can also export the data if needed as totals, or as a breakdown.

Hope that helps!

I’ll take a look, thanks

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Yay, thank you so much. That makes life so much easier!

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