Lloyds Bank Feed - Not saving details

Hi _ very Happy Quickfile user. Think you guys are doing an awesome job - even through the response to the recent receipts hiccup.

I’ve been using the Lloyds Business Banking auto feed for a few weeks, successfully. However for some reason it doesn’t seem to want to save my settings and I have to repost them every week when I go to import the latest transactions (yes - I am selecting Save at the bottom of the input screen). My Browser is Chrome in Windows. Any clues??

Are you checking the remember boxes:

Hi Joe - yes I checked those boxes.

It would appear to me that my values are lost when I restart my PC. Not sure why.

For Lloyds (due to some technical restraints) we use a different method of storage compared to the other feeds. If the extension is disabled and re-enabled this will clear all the values. It may also be cleared if you have any extensions auto-clearing your cookies.

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