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Lloyds bank feed not working 2020

Hi anyone having problems with lloyds bank feed.

had to do my 90 day renewell, accounts saying active, but no update for two days.

removed live bank feed to try and set up again and lloyds bank missing from list of banks to set up.

Hi @Paul_Smith

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with this. Can I just ask, when you removed the feed, did you use the “Revoke” button?

think so… but no lloyds bank in bank drop down menu.

Hi @Paul_Smith

Do you have any other bank feeds connected to a Lloyds account? For example, do you have a savings account with them?

Because of the way that Open Banking works with QuickFile, you can only have one connection to the bank at a time, this means you will have to completely revoke the feed from all accounts and then set it back up again. To do this, you will have to use the “Revoke” button in the Open Banking section of your account.

Ahh yes i have I’ll try that, thanks.

All up and working thank you for you prompt response.

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Hi @Paul_Smith

I’m glad to hear this is now working for you.

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