Lloyds Bank Feed

Good Morning
I am suddenly having trouble with Lloyds bank feed everything goes ok loads memorable data and then just hangs there and will not go any further?? can you help please.

Thank You

Seems to work fine on our test account. When you say “Hangs there”, what exactly are you seeing?

Hi Glen

Just the memorable data screen, you can see the circular symbol going round & round on the tab, then after a while get message from chrome wait or kill pages. Never had a problem before, assume something to do with chrome. I can log on with internet explorer?

Not sure about that, maybe try clearing your cache/history, check any extensions you have running. Will look out if it’s reported elsewhere.

Thanks Glen

Finally cleared it by going to task manager closing all chrome processes and logging on again. Hope this may be of help to others who encounter the same problem.


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