Lloyds banking feed

This is driving me mad. Did initial free banking feed, then paid for it when that ran out, now cant connect to my lloyds account. Keeps coming up with technical problem. Spoken to lloyds, they say its a problem with QuickFile. Have tried on different computer. Same problem. Cant revoke the initial banking feed as there is no option. Absolute waste of money.

Hi @Trish

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some issues with the bank feeds.

Can you just confirm what error you’re seeing, and where, please?

If the error is on the Lloyds website, it is, unfortunately, an issue on Lloyds’ end. But if you’re seeing the error on the QuickFile website, we can do a bit of digging and take a look at what’s going on for you.

It’s a technical error coming up on the lloyds site. Ive spoken to them twice and they keep saying its a problem with QuickFile, not lloyds, and now you are saying its lloyds!! All worked fine before i paid for the banking feed. How do I completely cancel (revoke) my feed to the bank so i can try starting from the beginning? There is no option to do this. As soon as i click on open banking feed it just takes me straight to start a connection to a bank.

If it’s definitely on the Lloyd’s website, it’s on their end. We have no control over what happens on their site, or any of the content they show.

If you go to Banking >> Open Banking Feeds you can see any connected banks. If you see the bank there, you can click on “Revoke” on the right hand side.

If the bank isn’t there, there’s no connection and you should be good to start fresh.

Hope that helps!

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