Lloyds csv Bank statement import - line/ transaction not imported

My client just uploaded a Lloyds csv bank statement and the last line was not imported.

The description of the final line was unique and so there is not any danger of a duplicate being suspected and incorrectly deleted, and the format of the text was identical to the lines above.

Is there a limit on the number of transactions imported (there was only 19 transactions so cannot think we exceeded it)?

Has anyone else experienced this and how can I avoid it happening again?

I have just realised that the same thing happened on the previous bank import we did - again the last line of the csv file was not imported.


There is but way above 19. I’ve logged this for now so it can be reviewed by an engineer. I will update you as soon as I know more.

We had a look at the CSV you uploaded but it appeared to have only 18 rows, 19 including the header.

Hi Glen

The csv file we saved on the computer before uploading to Quickfile definitely had 19 lines (20 including the heading). Could I email you the csv file to look at?