Lloyds not updating and cant add another account

I’ve recently just added Lloyds to my account. It’s not updating the recent transactions that I did today…I’ve refreshed the feed several times…any ideas why?
Also, I have a business and commercial account with Lloyds (one sterling, one Euro). I can’t seem to add them both, only the sterling is updating and can’t see the option of adding another…when I try to add another account the Lloyds option is not available? Any suggestions?

Hi @redairaviation

I’ll send you a private message regarding the no transactions issue.

Only one link to a bank is supported. But can I check if both bank accounts are accessible through the same internet banking login?

Hi, no unfortunately not. One is business banking and other corporate…two different sites and logins…I guess can’t have both then?

That’s correct I’m afraid. We currently only support one link per bank.

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